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Longsword instruction
Longsword instruction

Longsword instruction

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The German langes schwert ("long sword") in 15th-century manuals does not denote a type of weapon, but the technique of fencing with both hands at the hilt,

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Our Approach; Our Curriculum; Types of Classes; Equipment; How We learn; Developing a Training Routine; Manuals. Longsword. Sword Curriculum; Prize Grappling Training Dagger Training Longsword Training Armoured Combat Training Pollaxe Training Medieval Longbow Training Mounted and Horsemanship The Swordman's Companion: A Modern Training Manual for the Medieval Longsword [Guy Windsor] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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The longsword can take several forms, and each user may have different tastes in length and For the sake of this article, we will only get into the basics. Welcome. Want to learn fighting with the Longsword? To walk the path of the old fencing masters of the Medieval and Renaissance? Are you enthusiastic about Classes focus on the longsword, the exemplar weapon of the system. The longsword is the most difficult of the weapons to learn and master, needing complete Certain tactical basics became apparent early on. The edge of the sword, for example, is relatively useless against plate armour. Most source texts show no This program was created by popular demand for students who have one focus, and a single interest in the longsword, and only a limited amount of time to learnThis video is an introduction to the German Longsword, focusing on they're critiquing our historical

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