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Mysql explain example
Mysql explain example

Mysql explain example

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Nov 3, 2011 - Using temporary means that MySQL need to use some temporary tables for storing intermediate data calculated when executing your query.

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Jul 24, 2006 - One nice feature added for EXPLAIN statement in MySQL 4.1 is EXTENDED keyword which provides you with It is best seen by example:. In this example, Visual Explain helps locate and fix problematic (slow) queries. This tutorial uses the DBT-3 database, and begins with the following query: When EXPLAIN is used with the EXTENDED keyword, the output includes a filtered column not otherwise displayed. Here is an example of extended output:

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The MySQL explain plan shows how the MySQL optimizer has decided to run a SELECT statement and access the data. N.B. MySQL can only explain SELECT pt-visual-explain reverse-engineers MySQL's EXPLAIN output into a query . For example, if you JOIN three tables inside a dependent subquery, they'll all sayNov 24, 2011 - The MySQL explain plan is a great tool to help developers and but its output can be confusing, so I thought I'd show a very simple example. Feb 19, 2009 - MySQL EXPLAIN Explained Quick and Easy Query Optimisation Adrian EXPLAIN – Worked Example EXPLAIN SELECT * FROM attendees Apr 13, 2012 - Depends on what you're going for and what the query is. Generally, for every line in EXPLAIN that has a Using where , you need to have it using an Apr 4, 2012 - In this article we'll run through how to use EXPLAIN to write better For example, a key_len value of 4 means it requires memory to store four

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